The ultimate  Goose Down pillow.  Filled with Premium Hungarian Goose Down.

Superbly soft and cosy

Ideal for tummy sleepers.

What it feels like: Superbly soft, light and fluffy. Moulds to your head for maximum comfort.


Purchase this pillow if you want the best luxury available and you want to invest in a premium quality pillow that will last.

About this pillow:

The ultimate pillow if you want to upgrade your sleep experience to a luxury level.

Made with Genuine Premium Hungarian Goose Down that is ethically sourced.

High down content delivers on softnesss, comfort and durability – down has a long lifespan and will not be too hot at night.


  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Made using ethically sourced raw materials that are fully traceable.
  • Made locally to European Down and feather Association (EDFA) standards.
  •  Free from harmful chemicals (OEKO-Tex standard 100 compliant)
  • Anti-allergenic.
  • Safe for house dust mite allergy sufferers.


  • Firmness: Soft
  • Recommended for tummy sleepers.
  • Composition: 90% Hungarian Goose Down; 10% Goose Feather: high down content.
  • 100% Cotton Downproof casing

Why you should buy this product

Why should you choose Hungarian Goose Down

Hungarian Goose Down is renowned for its quality, it’s what you should choose if you want luxury that lasts.

Genuine Hungarian Goose Down is typically excellent quality, and features good insulating properties, high filling power and has a long lifespan – which are trademarks of quality down.

Because of the extremely cold climate in Hungary, the geese grow large down clusters to keep warm. This down is excellent quality and ideal for luxury bedding.

Why should you choose a Down Duvet?

Down is the ultimate natural duvet filling. It is soft & light; keeps you warm in winter and won’t make you “hot” in summer because it regulates your body temperature beautifully.

We always recommend purchasing the duvet with the highest down content that you can afford for your budget.

Why spend more on a duvet with a higher down content?

The more down there is in a duvet the softer, lighter and warmer it will be, making for a more luxurious sleep experience. Down also has a long lifespan, so a product with a high down content is an excellent investment in your sleep space.

Why Choose Goose Down over Duck Down?

Goose down is often recommended over duck down because Goose Down is rarer and has a longer lifespan than Duck Down. Geese also produce better quality down because they are larger birds. So while Goose Down is more expensive than Duck Down, it is a better investment: because it is better quality and it lasts longer.