A genuine, Hungarian Goose Down pillow with a Goose Feather core that offers comfort, firmness and value


What it feels like: A soft but firmer pillow. Moulds to your head for maximum comfort.


Purchase this pillow if you want a firmer Hungarian Goose Down pillow that is also more economical.

Ideal for side and back sleepers.

About this pillow:

A three chamber pillow: 2 outer chambers filled with Hungarian Goose Down for softness and comfort and an inner chamber filled with Goose Feathers which adds firmness. Made using genuine Hungarian Goose Down and feathers that have been ethically sourced, our raw materials are certified and traceable to their farm of origin.


  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 3 Chamber structure featuring an inner feather core for firmness
  • Outer chabers filled with genuine Hungarian Goose Down.
  • Inner chamber filled with Goose feather.
  • Made using ethically sourced raw materials that are certified and fully traceable.
  • Made locally to European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) standards.
  • Anti-allergenic and suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers.
  • 100% cotton downproof casing

Why should I buy this product

Why Choose Goose Down over Duck Down?

Goose down is often recommended over duck down because Goose Down is rarer and has a longer lifespan than Duck Down. Geese also produce better quality down because they are larger birds. So while Goose Down is more expensive than Duck Down, it is a better investment: because it is better quality and it lasts longer.


Why should I choose a natural Duvet or pillow?

We feel that natural duvets offer a kind of luxury that no other filling can, it is however a personal preference. We make our down & feather duvets using ethically sourced raw materials to give you peace of mind if natural duvets are your preference.