One duvet for every season.

Exclusive to Lifson Products, featuring optimum temperature control for all year comfort.

What it feels like:  Light and soft.

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Purchase this duvet if you prefer a down alternative duvet and want to have one duvet that you can use all year round.

About this duvet:

A quality duvet and an excellent sleep solution in one. Made with a new generation fibre filling that is super soft and a cotton casing that gives it a premium feel.


  • Optimum temperature control for all year comfort.
  • New generation fibre filling.
  • Anti-allergenic.


  • 8/10 comfort rating.
  • 100% Cotton Casing.
  • Quilted our signature diamond pattern to prevent cold spots.
  • Can be used all year round.

Why should I buy this product

Why choose a down alternative duvet or pillow?

Quality down alternative duvets offer many of the qualities that down duvets do: warmth without weight, moulding to your body for warmth. If you prefer a down alternative duvet or pillow for ethical reasons then there are excellent down alternatives available, like our Fine Fibre range.


Why Choose a 100% Cotton Casing

100% Cotton is breathable and enhances a duvet or pillow’s effectiveness at regulating your body temperature.